Wolfgang Guembel (Wolf) is a prominent figure and community advocate in St. Catharines and the Niagara Region. Wolfgang has spent his life building up himself and his neighbourhood to a brighter future.
Having spent his life in Niagara, Wolfgang has developed a deep appreciation of the Region and what it has to offer – from business to education. Taking his competitive spirit that he developed as an Olympic-Class athlete, Wolfgang approaches each venture with a forward-thinking edge and an affinity for excellence.
As a Realtor in Niagara, Wolfgang works to pair his adoration of the Niagara Region and its ascending future with his love of real estate. As the Founder and President of both the Lock Street Brewing Corporation and The Wellington at Port, Wolfgang continually strives to find ways to invest himself in the Niagara community.
Educated with a B.Ed. in Math & Science, B.A.Sc in Environmental Engineering and M.Ed. in Public Policy & Organizational Leadership, Wolfgang continues to share his love of knowledge through various teaching avenues. From teaching part-time for DSBN, Niagara College, Nipissing University and various private schools and being a board member of the Education Foundation of Niagara, Wolfgang continues to work towards a greater Niagara.
Although he has embraced many titles, Wolfgang’s most prized role is father to his two young children, Osker-Karl and Kensington.